Good luck, USA!

I am not really paying attention to the presidential election in the US, but from what I have seen so far, it seems the American people have to make the unenviable choice between plague and cholera. No matter what they choose, they're fucked! No wonder so many people don't bother to vote!

Would you trust Donald Trump with a five dollar bill? Me neither! What about Hillary Clinton? Maybe a dollar, but definitely not five! Trump will take it and the lie to your face. Clinton will frame it on someone else or convince you it never existed in the first place. Now imagine leaving these two clowns alone in your house for an afternoon... Then imagine them controlling the most powerful nation on earth - and nuclear weapons...

Seriously, with so many millions of people in the country, why does it seem that only the obviously corrupt and outright nutcases can run for office there?

For a country I used to admire, I am truly horrified at the state it's currently in. If you can't elect decent people to office, you don't have a working democracy. You have a pseudo-democracy, which is potentially even worse than not having a democracy at all. The USA is a great country - for now. But something is seriously wrong - and it needs to be fixed!